35 Whole30 Meal Prep Recipes

These Whole30 meal prep recipes will make your Whole30 lunches and Whole30 breakfasts SO much easier. Instead of having no idea what to do for lunch, these Whole30 meal prep recipes will leave you stoked about your next meal!

On a Whole30, meal prepping is unavoidable. Unless your job is to sit around all day, day after day, and whip up brand new recipes from scratch every time you get the least bit hungry, you’ve got to prep if you’re going to succeed.

Like the adage I see passed around the Whole30 community regularly, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Clever… but damn true, too.

The reality is, though, that it’s really pretty easy to meal prep for a Whole30, especially for breakfast and lunch. Make a big batch of something, portion it out, and boom, you’re ready for the week. When it’s time to head to work in the morning, just open the fridge, grab a couple containers, and you’re set.

And in my family, we refuse to settle for boring meal prep. There’s no way we’d make it eating one-pan chicken and veggies every week – nope. We go big with buffalo chicken ranch meal prep and my healthy Greek meal prep, or my Whole30 sweet potato apple breakfast bake or hashbrown casserole. No one is suffering here, y’all. Not a soul.

That’s why I’ve rounded up my 35 favorite Whole30 meal prep recipes, to help you plan to succeed rather than eat the nearest office donut. Right? From one-pan meals to heavenly, flavorful meal prep ideas, this is the only list of Whole30 meal prep recipes you need.

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