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Bathroom Shower Remodel Ideas

Great Pairing Close your eyes and imagine having a brand-new, remodeled bathroom shower. With a clean, flawless shower pan and bright, gleaming walls, this is one dream that can be your reality with smart planning, optional DIY work, and of course, some money. Homeowners like you have felt the pain of dingy, non-functional showers but

What Kids Can Teach You About Color

When you’re running low on inspiration, it always helps to look at things from another perspective. This is great advice for most any endeavor, but especially true when it comes to decorating and color. In creative matters, kids are a natural source of inspiration. Kids see things differently, and without the arbitrary rules that we’ve

A Decorator’s 5-Step Bedroom Makeover

01 of 06 Five Steps to a Bedroom Makeover Gorgeous, welcoming, and tranquil bedrooms: you pin and re-pin them on Pinterest, sigh over them on interior design websites, and drool over their images in glossy home décor magazines. But if you are like many people, you shrug off the idea that you could have a

9 Ways to Warm Up the Bedroom Without Running the Heat

It’s that time of year again… Old Man Winter is nipping at your nose, chilling down your toes and – perhaps most distressing of all – driving up your utility expenses with the increased use of your indoor heating system. But wait: instead of automatically reaching for the thermostat dial, consider alternatives to heating the

Choosing a Garage Heater

Most garages seem to get a lot use in warm weather, but are often sent into hibernation for the winter. If you would like to spend more time working in your garage in cold weather, here are some affordable heating choices worth investigating. Liquid Fuel Heaters Freestanding space heaters that burn kerosene or propane are