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New skin patch analyses sweat during exercise

How much are you really sweating when you exercise? You may not need to wring yourself dry to find out. Disposable device Researchers say they’ve developed a flexible device that sticks to the skin, analyses your sweat and sends the results to your smartphone. That’s not all. Researchers say the device – about the size of a

7 beach sports to keep you active

An active beach holiday will not only help you maintain your fitness but can help to counteract the inevitable overindulgence. Here are some ways to keep active on the beach. If lounging around on the beach all day isn’t your idea of a holiday, why not try some of the following beach sports to keep

9 ‘healthy’ foods that can ruin your running

Sports nutritionists are constantly asked about which foods runners should eat to boost their performance or their health – and which they should avoid. But separating the good guys from the nutritional offenders is not always as simple as it seems; health-food impostors can fool even savvy runners. “Some simply don’t add much benefit and