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Choosing a Garage Heater

Most garages seem to get a lot use in warm weather, but are often sent into hibernation for the winter. If you would like to spend more time working in your garage in cold weather, here are some affordable heating choices worth investigating. Liquid Fuel Heaters Freestanding space heaters that burn kerosene or propane are

Garage Organizers Can Help With Garage Clutter

Has the situation of your garage got so out-of-control that your cars have to be parked on the streets or permanently left along the driveway? Is your neighborhood having the same problem, which resulted in the lining up of cars along the streets, looking like used car lot rather than a suburban neighborhood? One among

8 Creative Garage Storage Ideas

Is your garage overrun with “stuff?” From bikes tipping over to deflated basketballs and soccer balls hiding in the corner to a floor littered with loose nails, nuts and bolts, it’s easy for your garage to become disorganized very quickly. If you can’t even fit your car into the garage because of all the clutter,