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What Kids Can Teach You About Color

When you’re running low on inspiration, it always helps to look at things from another perspective. This is great advice for most any endeavor, but especially true when it comes to decorating and color. In creative matters, kids are a natural source of inspiration. Kids see things differently, and without the arbitrary rules that we’ve

Play around with colour for fun children’s bedroom schemes

Create a dream bedroom scheme for your child with these imaginative decorating ideas using colour Children relish having their own bedroom to play, read and sleep in and will likely want to make their mark with colour on the walls, floors and furnishings given half the chance. While the traditional ‘pink for girls and blue


Let little personalities shine with bright and imaginative artwork ideas When it comes to making a place feel like home, there’s no easier way to express your personality than with a little decoration on the walls. Get creative with the way that you display pictures, there are more ways to show off your wall art than