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Play around with colour for fun children’s bedroom schemes

Create a dream bedroom scheme for your child with these imaginative decorating ideas using colour Children relish having their own bedroom to play, read and sleep in and will likely want to make their mark with colour on the walls, floors and furnishings given half the chance. While the traditional ‘pink for girls and blue


I’ve been wanting to build something out of industrial pipe for the last few years, but I never really had a good reason to try my hand at pipe fitting (all the professional pipefitters in the world are glaring at me right now). I’ve seen lots of great projects. End tables, curtain rods, paper towel

Kitchen Makeover Secrets That Will Save You Money

It is easier than you think to take your kitchen from builder grade to gorgeous on a budget! These kitchen makeover secrets will save you money and give you great ideas! Do you love your kitchen? I mean ‘walk into it and feel blessed every morning’ love your kitchen? You can and you should! I’m

My Favorite Garden Designer

Gardens are such a beautiful place to spend some tome at that no wonder practically everybody is dreaming to have at least a small garden in their home. And those who are not so lucky to live in a house but rather in a flat of some busy city, in many cases go and turn

Best home Gardens

Create a Cozy Atmosphere Too clean, your garden may take airs abandoned or undecorated. On the contrary, play the card of “everything that is small is cute” by choosing the cozy and cocooning style. Multiply the plants and do not leave empty walls. Thus, you will literally feel like you are in a haven of