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EXERCISE LIBRARY Getting started with exercise? What should I wear? You should wear comfortable, moisture wicking clothing and a good pair of athletic shoes (or barefoot for yoga!). PS: Always have a water bottle near by to stay hydrated! How often and how intense should I be working out? The CDC recommends 150 minutes of

4 common yoga myths

Dillon Mann of South Africa Yoga dispells some of the most common myths surrounding yoga. Yoga is growing in popularity around the world.  Latest estimates suggest that 15.8 million Americans and half a million Britons regularly practice yoga.  Yet in South Africa, teachers claim that despite yoga becoming more mainstream, many South Africans are reluctant to

Yoga for your mind

Help yourself to some yoga therapy. Besides easing a stressed mind, see what other benefits these 10 yoga poses provide. Infographic courtesy of Design Infographics. yoga for your mind